Seminar Reporting Standards in Brussels

What can we learn from each other in Europe in the field of standardization of digital reporting of company data? We received an answer to this question during the Seminar Reporting Standards that the Dutch SBR community organized on the fourth of June in Brussels.

Chairman of the day, Rob Kuipers (National Director of SBR) opened the seminar with an introduction to Standard Business Reporting in the Netherlands. During the seminar various international speakers discussed topics such as ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) and modernization of electronic reports using XBRL. In addition, Philips, as a large sized company, demonstrated the experiences with (i) XBRL and how it leads to more efficient business operations and a reduction of the administrative burden. Belgium shared their experience with the implementation of e-Invoicing. Finally, PwC presented the results of an investigation into the current situation regarding the digitization of the auditor's report in Europe. It showed that there are major differences between the Member States.

 What did the seminar bring us?

The seminar focused on learning from each other. Participants and speakers listened to each other's practical experiences and debated with each other during the panel discussion. The following topics were covered with great enthusiasm: standardization across national borders, cross-domain standardization, organization of trust frameworks (governance), step-by-step implementation of standards, Public Private Partnerships and the need to start early with preparations for electronic depositing by large sized companies.

The seminar also provided insight into the expectations that companies and governments in the various countries have with regard to standardization of digital reporting of company data and harmonization in Europe, with particular attention to providing assurance on digital reports. Who takes which role and which steps should be taken by whom? It became clear that there is a need for a statement from the European Commission on how to deal with the auditor's report on the digital financial statements of large sized companies.

SBR international network

The seminar laid the foundation for a stronger and larger international network for SBR. During drinks, participating countries had the opportunity to share their vision and ambitions.

Impression of the day

Curious about the vision and experiences of some speakers and participants? A video report from the Seminar Reporting Standards is being prepared. Follow the online channels of SBR and watch the video soon!

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